Expeditions are the main activities of the Foundation


Project SPELEOSTAN - 2018
We invite everyone to participate in speleological expeditions in 2018.
After the reconnaissance surveys conducted in various karst areas in 2017, our foundation has planned several expeditions.
In 2018, several international speleological expeditions are planned to various karst areas.
The main goal and tasks of the expeditions are to search for and study new caves, to study already well-known caves using modern technologies, and to evaluate promising karst areas.
All expeditions have a complex research character. Therefore, relevant experts can conduct: archaeological, geological, karstological, biological, topographic-geodesic, paleoclimatic and other studies.
Objectives of expeditions:
- Searches and exploration of new caves in poorly studied and unexplored karst areas of Kyrgyzstan.
- Studies of already well-known caves using new technologies.
Known caves are caves that were discovered in 1973-1975, in the study of which, speleologists, used simple, available at that time, technical means and methods. In today's expeditions, modern electronic equipment is used for topographic surveying of cave systems and for creating a 3D model.
The geography of speleological research in 2018 is quite extensive. It is planned to conduct large-scale search for caves in several karst areas. Southern, western and south-western speleoprespective areas of Kyrgyzstan.
Our Foundation invites everyone to participate in speleological expeditions.
Our organization is not commercial. Our profit is knowledge about caves and karst.
Therefore, we do not conduct expeditions for profit. We are not a tourist organization.
The purpose of the expeditions we conduct is speleological research, and speleology is our hobby.
Therefore, the cost of participating in expeditions covers only all real costs for organizing and conducting expeditions.
We use the services of companies that can provide us with various services. For example, rent a car, rent the necessary equipment.
We receive official permits from state organizations for research.


The Moldo-Too project. Unknown karst area of the Inner Tien Shan



International Speleological Expedition to the South Tien Shan