Expeditions are the main activities of the Foundation

Project SPELEOSTAN - 2019

We invite everyone to take part in speleological expeditions of 2019, which we plan to spend in the countries of Central Asia - Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Previous studies in 2018 have allowed us to learn about new karst areas, as well as understand the natural conditions of previously known karst areas. We excluded unpromising mountainous regions of Kyrgyzstan from the list of studies. In 2019, our foundation plans to conduct several expeditions to unexplored karst areas.
In 2019, several speleological expeditions to various karst regions of Central Asia are planned. With the details of speleo projects, you can get acquainted in the section of the site - Projects.
The main goal and mission of the expedition is to search and research new caves. In all expeditions complex problems are solved. We conduct research on speleo archeology, geology, karstology, biology. We also plan to conduct topographic, geodetic, paleoclimatic and other studies.
Goals of the expeditions:
- The search and study of new caves in unexplored karst regions of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.
- Studies of remote entrances located high on the vertical walls of the canyons
The Foundation for Preservation and Exploration of Caves invites everyone to take part in our expeditions.
Our organization is not a commercial organization. Our profit is knowledge about caves and karst. Therefore, we do not conduct expeditions in order to make a profit. We are not a travel organization.
The aim of the expeditions is speleological research, and spelunking is our hobby.
Therefore, the cost of participation in expeditions covers only all the real costs of organizing, logistics, food and equipment for expeditions.
We use the services of companies that can provide us with various equipment and technology. For example, rent a car or the necessary equipment.
We receive official permission from state organizations to conduct official, legal research 


The Moldo-Too project. Unknown karst area of the Inner Tien Shan



International Speleological Expedition to the South Tien Shan