Expeditions are the main activities of the Foundation for the Preservation and Exploration of Caves


Research project Speleostan.
In 2017, the Fundation for the Preservation and Exploration of Caves, held a series of International speleological expeditions in the project, SPELEOSTAN - 2017. "Complex speleological exploration in karst areas of Kyrgyzstan", whose main tasks are: Search and exploration of new caves, as well as contemporary research already known karst cavities; further prospective Evaluation of speleological studies in karst areas of Kyrgyzstan. In addition, speleological research includes: archaeological, geological, karst, biological and survey research in already known caves of Kyrgyzstan.
The purpose of the expeditions:
- Search and exploration of caves in poorly known and un explored karst areas of Kyrgyzstan. 
- Modern exploration of the already known caves. Obtaining topo geodesic and morphological characteristics of the caves, with the aim of creating a digital cadaster of the caves of Kyrgyzstan as a participant of the International project - Grottocentr - The Wiki database made by cavers for cavers
- Exploration and preservation of cave systems, as unique monuments of nature and their possible use in scientific and applied research, environmental monitoring and the development of cultural tourism. 
Famous caves are caves that were discovered in 1973-1975, where for research was used simple, available at that of time, technical means and methods. 
Today in modern expeditions using modern electronic technical means for topo geodesic surveying of cave systems and to create 3D models and as well as for their geographical to modern digital maps.
The modern exploration of caves, consider interdisciplinary interests, geologists, archaeologists, biologists and researchers in various profiles. 
The geography of speleological researches in 2018, is quite extensive. It is planned to conduct large-scale searches of caves in several karst areas of the country. Southern, Western and South-Western speleo prospective regions of Kyrgyzstan. 
In addition, two planned international expeditions are planned to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.
The Foundation for the Preservation and Exploration of Caves invites all interested speleologist, scientists and researchers to participate in joint speleological expeditions.


International Speleological Expedition to the South Tien Shan